HONGDAE Designer Setup Organizer

**Please bookmark this page to your browser to easily access all the links, forms and drives that are helpful for everyone. All the information that you need to know regarding general event information and setup organization are posted here. Please make sure that you followed all the steps and requirements.


홍대 HONGDAE EVENT is a 100% Original creations event. A (1) new and exclusive original item must be released and cannot be sold anywhere else during the event. Recolors and retextures of old items are not permitted.


We require the best quality creations for Hongdae Event. We are strictly implementing this rule to not allow items being sold at the event that are too basic, rushed and incomplete. That being said, we do not allow basic bucket hats, earrings, basic tops and pants, and basic cosmetics and accessories. We always update our Pinterest mood board, please use it freely for your creation.


Please stick to your chosen category when you signed up for the round. If you signed up to create clothing for men, for women, and/or skin, please make sure that those are what you will bring to the event. We are trying to balance every category and want to bring in more clothing for men.


We suggest that you follow the overall theme of the event. Hongdae Event is not just a K-Pop event. We have a Pinterest mood board for you to follow. Please use them for inspiration to your Hongdae release.
Check PINTEREST mood board here









No. We reserve this feature to our event sponsors.

Yes, if you are a participating designer for the round and you have placed your blogger pack in the blogger room, you are entitled to be on the access list to grab the items in the blogger room. Please allow us 24 hours to update the access list.

No. We do not allow non-original or template meshes in the event. May it be for your exclusive or non-exclusive items.

Regular Booths = 50 prims
Sponsor Booths = 100 prims
Please do not go over your limit.

Regular Booth – L$4000

Sponsor Booth – L$6000

Please send them this link. All the event information and application form are here. Applying as a new designer will not guarantee a spot. 
▬ https://block5events.com/hongdae-designer-application

Sponsor spots are by invite only. However, you may contact isaacii resident or bokuwasekai resident to advise. We cannot guarantee a sponsor spot but we will try to accommodate your request. 

No. We do not allow previous released items may it be recolored, retextured or repacked.

Not at the moment. However, we are planning a fresh look to Hongdae Event soon to include other event features like early VIP access, store collab booths, and satellite stores in the sim. 

No. We do not allow old or new system Gacha machines in the event. 

We do not support explicit contents and/or ads. Keep your creations as moderate as possible and within the theme including sponsors’ non exclusive items. We understand sexy/short dresses are profitable however, please do not show any adult (NSFW) body parts. (Nipples, groin/frontal area, buttocks area). We may ask you to censor your Ad vendor images or we will.

Our overall theme is Urban and Streetwear. However, we do also allow Korean, Japanese and Chinese styles and designs. 

We open the reservation and booth setup every 21st of the month at 1PM SLT. This is a first come first served basis. We do not allow any reservations or setups before 1PM SLT on the 21st.

Event setup deadline is every 25th of the month at 11:59PM SLT.
A L$1500 will be charged from the 26th at 12AM SLT to 26th at 12:00PM SLT for an extended setup.

Event opens 26th of every month at 1PM SLT. 

Isaacii Resident & Bokuwasekai Resident – Event Owners
Silent Leeder – Event Brand Image Manager
Kuma Nova – Event Manager
Abel Hexem – Blogger Manager
Nameless Silverfall – Social Media Manager

**For immediate response please send a notecard to: Kuma Nova