Neo Edo District Rental Guide


AVAILABLE PARCELS: Ready for Occupancy

Parcel #13300 Prims7840sqmL$2700/weekTP HERE
Parcel #23500 Prims7808 sqmL$2800/weekTP HERE
Parcel #33500 Prims7712 sqmL$2800/weekTP HERE
Parcel #43300 Prims7744 sqmL$2700/weekTP HERE
**Satellite stores available too. Message us ♥

Thank you for your interest in renting with us. Our new sim with other established original content creators is open for occupancy. Neo Edo District is a new commercial-themed district within Dystopia City. 10 original content creators currently have their main store in the sim. We would like to keep a low number of renters to share the sim resources for a better shopping experience. The stores currently in the Dystopia City sim are:

KARTEL ORIGINALS – Male and Female Clothing, accessories, footwear, and cosmetics.
SEKAI – Male and Female Clothing, and accessories.
DEADLY PIXELS – Male Clothing, accessories, footwear, and cosmetics.
UNFOLDED – Male and Female Clothing, and accessories.
NORMANDY – Female cyber clothing and accessories.
KILL JOY – Female Clothing and Accessories.
ALTERED STATE – Male, Female clothing and Accessories.
MINJU – Female Clothing and Accessories.
DIVERSION – Female Clothing
GAGUI – Male and Female clothing.
SODA – BOM Tattoos and Appliers

Benefits of renting with us:

  1. We work as one. We always try to help each other succeed as a business.
  2. We always work on brand exposure and product sales through events that we organize sim-wide and grid-wide. The last events we worked on are:

-Summer on the Plaza is a sim-wide event. This is our 1st successful attempt at introducing our sim and what we do. The sim was full for 5 days from this event.

◥SPUWUKY HUNT (Grid-wide)
SpUWUky Hunt is a Halloween Grid-wide hunt. We officially started an event organization catering to the sim creators and other creators. Our website gained 2,200+ visits during the event: See data here

◥UNITED IN PRIDE (Grid-wide)
United in Pride Hunt is a grid-wide hunt during the Pride month. Our website gained 6,400+ views and visits during the 7-day event: See data here

◥홍대 HONGDAE EVENT (Monthly Event)
홍대 Hongdae Event is a monthly themed event produced and organized by Block5 Events. Block5 Events is the same management behind Dystopia City and Neo Edo District. Although the event sim is in a different region at the moment, we are working on merging it with Dystopia City and Neo Edo District in the future.


Renter Guidelines:

  1. The sim’s theme is Cyber Dystopia. There are decors of the sim that overlap in each of the parcels from our Master Builder and one of the owners: Silent Leeder and some from the creators to that added their little touch to help with the sim’s aesthetic design. Please do not remove or return them.
  2. We only ask for your store’s outdoor appearance close to the sim’s theme. You may decorate the inside of your parcel however you want but with consideration to the overall aesthetic design too.
  3. Original content and mainstores only please. However, we do have some satellite stores available as well.